eLEG Landing Leg System

(Contact FUWA KHitch for availability)


  • Australian designed, tested & manufactured
  • Minimum maintenance and 12 month warranty
  • Easy to understand, simple push button operation

Work Safe Solutions

  • No more back strain
  • No more aching elbows & shoulders
  • No more manual winding
  • No more standing out in the weather

The eLEG system was designed to be not only robust, but lightweight and compact to provide quick and easy fitting, with a high quality, stylish finish to enhance a trailers professional appearance
The eLEG works easily and efficiently to let you get on with other important things while it does the hard work of lowering the legs on your trailer for you.

eLEG is an electronic motorised landing leg that raises or lowers at the touch of the button.

It has undergone extensive testing and in-field trials to ensure its suitability for rigorous operating conditions with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes.

Models are available for 14”,17 & 19” lift heights and a variety of foot styles. Two speed gearing selected by lightweight lever to give maximum speed to the ground and maximum lift capacity.

On the fascia of eLEG is a keypad with push buttons to operate the unit independently from the Truck.

Each eLEG drive is supplied with complete fitting and operating instructions. These are also available on the Razor International website.


Length: (Contact FUWA KHitch for information)
Width: (Contact FUWA KHitch for information)
Height: (Contact FUWA KHitch for information)
Weight: (Contact FUWA KHitch for information)

Voltage: 12 Voltage DC
Charge: Multivolt Charge Input (Charge 10.5 – 30.00 VDC)

Operating Temperature: -30oC ~60oC (-20oF~140oF) (reduced performance at extremes)
Weather Resistance: IP65 (inclusive of optional battery isolator)
Torque: (Contact FUWA KHitch for information)
Lifting Capacity: 120 Nm
Leg Speed: 340mm/min (13.5”/min) on high gear
Operation Time: Approx 1-2mins