Razor Delatchable Chain Driven System


Using the Razor Delatchable Chain Driven System is one of the safest and most reliable ways to cover a semi-trailer or rigid truck while keeping the driver safe. It has been custom-designed to take the hard work out of manually winding the tarp over the vehicle and drastically reduce the risk of injury.
When the Razor Delatchable Chain Driven System is installed, the driver has the option to stay in the cab during operation and still have the same amount of control over the trailer or rigid. The system is easy to use, timesaving and highly efficient. Razor’s Power Tarp comes complete with manual override capability and is powered with the Razor Power Kit. A simple dual button remote allows the operator to control the system from either inside the cab or a from a safe distance outside the cab.

  • Safe wireless remote offers In-Cab Operation
  • No more back strain
  • No more aching neck
  • No more shoulder pain

Every Razor International product is based on three basic fundamentals:

  • It is controlled electrically at the push of a button,
  • the trailer remains interchangeable with any prime mover,
  • and it comes with an easy to operate manual backup.

Naturally, the Razor Delatchable Chain Driven System has all these features and benefits from constant product refinement over the past ten years.


Voltage 12 Volt DC – Razor Power Pack

Charge: 12 Volt With multivolt input(12V/24V)

Torque 50 Nm

Tarp Travel Time: Approximately 45 seconds