Razor DII Landing Leg System

P/N: DII-5L23


  • Australian Designed and Tested
  • Wireless Functionality
  • Razor Connect Compatibility
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Tough and Robust Solid Aluminum Casing
  • Remote Operation from both sides of the trailer
  • Fully Serviceable Parts
  • Emergency Manual Override Capability

Work Safe Solutions

  • Modular Design easily separates in minutes
  • Improve Driver Safety and Morale
  • Saves time, Quicker turnarounds!
  • Low Maintenance with 12-month warranty
  • No more manual winding!
  • No more back strain!
  • No more aching elbows & shoulders!
  • No more standing out in the weather!

The Razor DII Leg Drive Kit takes electric landing leg technology to the next level.
The safest, most trouble-free way to separate and connect the semi-trailer from your prime mover.

The Drive Unit is an electronic, motor-driven attachment that is able to raise or lower landing legs on any compatible trailer at the touch of a button.

Our Drive Unit allows the driver to complete other important tasks while it lowers or raises the landing legs in the safest and most efficient way – significantly reducing the risk of injury, improving productivity and lowering costs, both financially and in terms of compliance.

The device has undergone extensive testing and in-field trials to ensure its suitability for the rigorous operating conditions in Australia with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes in conjunction with standard landing legs.

The electronics that control the Drive Unit have undergone extensive testing and development, with EMC compliance, that provides a fully customizable option for your needs or a future adaption.

It has been purpose-designed to be not only robust, but lightweight and compact to provide quick and easy fitting, with a high quality, stylish finish to enhance a trailer’s professional appearance.

The Razor System is available for fitment to all major leg brands and is particularly suited to JOST, Holland, KHitch, Binkley, Maxus and York Legs. On the fascia of each Drive Unit, you will find a keypad to operate the unit. To maximise safety and ensure user-friendly operation, it is mounted on the opposite landing leg.


Length: 178mm (7”)(From front housing to the end of the motor)
Width: 134mm (5 9/32”)
Height: 237mm (9 11/32″)
Weight: 5.5kg (12.1lbs) (without battery kit), 13kg (28lbs) (with battery kit)

Voltage: 12 Voltage DC
Charge: Multivolt Charge Input (Charge 10.5 – 30.00 VDC)

Operating Temperature: -30oC ~60oC (-20oF~140oF) (reduced performance at extremes)
Weather Resistance: IP65 (inclusive of optional battery isolator)
Torque: 120 Nm
Lifting Capacity: 25 Tonnes
Leg Speed: (Contact Razor Office)
Operation Time: Approx 1-2mins (Depending on Landing Leg)