Razor Mezzanine Deck System


The Razor Mezzanine Deck System is an innovative electronic solution for safer work practices, raising and lowering decks with the touch of a button.

Eliminating the risk of climbing onto the platform to relocate the corner saddles whilst a forklift balances the deck in mid-air. The forklift won’t be necessary for this design!

The Razor Deck Drive Unit is an electronic, motor-driven attachment that is able to raise and lower mezzanine decks on Vawdrey Trailers! The system contains the powerhouse drive unit and controller module to operate the system, along with a wireless remote for the driver’s convenience and safety.

Vawdrey Australia and Razor International have cooperatively designed the system, a power supply and locking mechanism is supplied from Vawdrey to create fully functioning Mezzanine Deck System.

Like all Razor Systems, a manual override function is available for testing and emergency procedures, giving operators a backup option.

For all fitting enquires & pricing, please contact Vawdrey Australia: http://www.vawdrey.com.au/

  • Wireless functionality
  • Locking functionality
  • Robust with long service life
  • Customisable install and service options
  • Vawdrey combability


  • Australian designed and tested
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Improve driver safety
  • No Forklift required
  • Saves time, no more manual winding
  • Tough and compact solid aluminum casing
  • Low maintenance with 12-month warranty
  • Manual override capability
  • No more back strain!
  • No more aching elbows & shoulders!
  • No more standing out in the weather!


Voltage 12 Volt DC – Razor Power Pack

Charge: 12 Volt With multivolt input(12V/24V)

Torque 120 Nm