Razor International continues to refine and develop its power units used to accommodate a broad spectrum of trailer components. The latest Delta unit is finding favour with customers of Razor distributor R.C. & S.M. Bailey, with its range of automated roll-over and front-to-back tarps.

Truck tarps which can be operated from the ground or inside the truck cab have become an essential part of the modern trucking landscape in terms of providing a safe and efficient working environment for the operator.

While it’s true that manual operation of tarps via a winding handle can be done from the ground where there’s no risk of falling, the effort required for this task can lead to back, arm, shoulder or neck injuries. Therefore, the powered alternative is always the safest and best option.

Razor International has been at the forefront of powered tarp and landing leg technology for many years and the latest Delta unit for tarp automation represents an evolutionary step in the design.

The unit is quiet in operation and the cover/ uncover processes are swiftly achieved while correct tarp tension is maintained at all times. A wireless remote enables operation from either within the cab or at a safe distance on the ground.

The unit operates on 12-volt DC and accepts multi-volt (9-30V) input charge. It features a turning torque of 200Nm and tarp cycle time of around 45 seconds. Importantly, there’s a manual over-ride so the tarp can still be operated in the event of an electrical failure.

Tarp and trailer accessory specialist, R.C. & S.M. Bailey, has been an official Razor International distributor since 2008. Based at Warracknabeal in the Wimmera district of country Victoria, Baileys offers custom-made solutions to fit its customers’ particular operating requirements.

“We’ve been fitting and recommending Razor products for about 10 years now and over that time they’ve proven to be a durable and reliable product,” says Matt Bailey, co-owner of R.C. & S.M. Bailey. “While it’s still early days with the new Delta units, we’ve installed a few and so far, so good.

“It often comes down to the fitment with a lot of issues some people have,” Matt adds. “If the installation is done right you rarely see them apart from when they need a service.

“We recently fitted Delta units to a B-double owned by Monaghan Logistics including two roll-over tarps and landing legs and when I spoke to the driver he said they’ve been fantastic.”


Fast Fact
Razor International’s Delta power tarp and landing leg units eliminate the risk of injury associated with manual units.



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